Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is widely known as Neymar or Neymar Jr.. This young footballer was born on 5 February 1992. Neymar is a Brazilian professional footballer and plays as a forward for French club Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil national team.

Neymar’s father is a former professional football player. It was he that taught his son to play football. Therefore, the football’s greatest talent could improve so quickly. Neymar joined Santos Futebol Clube at the age of 11 and he became more and more successful. When he was 19 years old, he got South American Footballer of the Year award and FIFA Puskás Award.

He often plays as a left sided forward for both the club he has played and his country in the team’s 4–3–3 formation. He can shoot with his stronger foot, or create chances for teammates. Neymar commented on his attributes:“ I’m always trying to perfect everything—dribbling, shooting, headers and control. You can always improve”.

In 2014-15 season, Neymar helped Barcelona win the titles of La Liga, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League, which made Barcelona become a club to win three championships at the same time. In 2016, Brazil national team defeated Germany and won the Olympic gold medal because of Neymar to a great degree.

He transferred to PSG on 4 August 2017.

In 2013, Neymar got these awards including FIFA Confederations Cup Golden Ball, FIFA Confederations Cup Bronze Shoe and FIFA Confederations Cup Dream Team. In 2017, he got IFFHS World’s Best Playmaker Bronze award and IFFHS Men’s World Team award.

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Pavel Nedvěd

Pavel Nedvěd, born on 30 August 1972, is a Czech retired footballer who played as a midfielder as well as centre mid-fielder and side mid-fielder. At present, he is the vice chairman of the board of directors at Juventus, appointed on 3, October, 2015.

Nedvěd has played his first match for Dukla Prague on 28 October 1991. He then transferred to Sparta Prague in 1992. By the way, Dukla Prague and Sparta Prague are two football clubs in the Czech Republic. In 1994, Nedvěd received his first call up to the Czech Republic national team. His performance at UEFA Euro 1996 included a goal in the group stage against Italy, which attracted attention. He moved from Sparta Prague to Italian Serie A club Lazio. Finally, he played for Juventus in July 2001 for 75 billion lire. At Juventus, he replaced Zinedine Zidane, who had transferred to Real Madrid that summer. After that, he would put on different Italy football shirts to fight for the club.

Nedvěd announced that he would hang up his boots in 2009 after a 19-year professional career. His football career has received a lot of attention. He is known for his sheer physicality and toughness. In addition, as a tenacious and consistent two-footed player, he has excellent crossing ability with his left foot, as well as his ability to cut inside and shoot with his right foot.

On September 3, 2015, Nedvěd, together with President Milos Zeman, visited China and attended the military parade commemorating 70th anniversary of the victories of War of Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japan and the World Anti-Fascist War. Next day, President Xi Jinpeng met Milos Zeman and Nedvěd in the Great Hall of the People.

Roy Keane

In the ebb and flow of Irish football at international level, there are many top-class footballers has made great contributions to the Ireland national football team. Roy Keane is just one of them. He was born in Cork, Ireland on Aug. 10, 1971. He is widely regarded as the most brilliant footballer across the whole world for 19 major trophies having been gained in his 18-year-long playing career, 17 of them won at Manchester United. He was the lead defensive midfielder and was famous for his aggressive and competitive playing style.

It is his constant efforts that he become an excellent footballer around all over the world. He played for the Ireland national football team for more than 14 years at international level. He has participated in every Irish game of the FIFA World Cup in 1994. Now as a coach of the Ireland national football team, he tries to put his heart into guide young footballers of the team to win great success at the world level. In this way, he hopes to teach his practical skills to those young current football players who are in Ireland football shirts.

Hernán Crespo

As the most popular entertainment sport, there are many football lovers in Argentina playing football from youth to old-aged people. About 90% of people are allegiant to the Argentine football club. In the late 19th century, football was introduced into Argentina by British immigrants. Having been established in 1893, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) is the 18th oldest football association across the world.

In the long development history of Argentine football, Hernán Crespo is a professional footballer who has made great contribution to its development. He was born in Florida, Argentina on Jul. 5, 1975. In his 19-year playing career, he has won more than 300 goals. As the lead goal-scorer, he has won 35 goals, being the third lead goal-scorer second to Gabriel Batistuta and Lionel Messi.

He participated in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He is widely regarded as one of the highest paid footballers and the greatest footballer who have score many goals of his team.

Franz Beckenbauer

The supervisor of Germany national football team is the Germany Football Association. As the most popular sport in Germany, there are many symbolic stadiums in Germany, such as Allianz Arena, Olympiastadion Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena, etc.

Franz Beckenbauer is a dazzling diamond in the long history of German football. He was born in Munich, Germany on Sep. 11, 1945. For his graceful style, control and leadership of the football field, he was awarded a special nickname – “the Emperor”.

Although his role in football team transferred from a midfielder to a central fielder, he is taken as a midfielder by most people of the world. Having been awarded the name of European Footballer of the Year twice, Beckenbauer played for West Germany for 103 times and participated in FIFA World Cups three times. Taking the place of Jupp Derwall, he came back to Germany as the coach of the Germany national football team. In the late 1990s, he was appointed as a manager to administrate the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Eric Cantona

As a shining gem in the long history of French football, Eric Cantona is widely regarded as one of the most well-known footballer in the world. He was born in Marseille, France on May 24, 1966. After the World War II, His paternal grandmother selected a cave as the residence for their whole family. He spares no efforts to play football to change the track of his life.

He has worked for Marseille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nîmes and Leeds United. After this stage of his playing career, he has played for the Manchester United, in which he gained the titles of Premier League four times in five years. At the Machester United, he wore the France football shirt with the number “7” printed on his football kit.

Under the name of “King Eric” at Manchester United, he was selected as the best player. In the contrary, his disciplinary record is poor while the obtaining achievements, leaving a sharp contrast between them. After 8-month suspension, the disciplinary record was improve to a certain degree.

Gabriel Batistuta

Football is the mostly watched sport in Argentina and the most popular sport in the free time. From childhood to old age, it is popular among common people and loyal football fans. In Buenos Aires, football was introduced by British immigrants. Argentina national football team has achieved great success before the beginning of the 21st century, such as the FIFA World Cup, the Copa América and the FIFA Confederations Cup. From 1991, a national league of women’s national football team –Campeonato de Fútbol Feminino, has been established.

In the booming of Argentina national football team, there are many excellent and top-class footballers on the football fields of many international competitions. Gabriel Batistuta is a member among them. As a professional footballer of the Argentine national football team, it has won great success in his playing career. Since the beginning of his playing career, he played most major competitions on behalf of Fiorentina in Italy. Not only in Florence, but also in the scope of world, he is regarded as one of the greatest footballer in the history of Argentine football.