Gabriel Batistuta

Football is the mostly watched sport in Argentina and the most popular sport in the free time. From childhood to old age, it is popular among common people and loyal football fans. In Buenos Aires, football was introduced by British immigrants. Argentina national football team has achieved great success before the beginning of the 21st century, such as the FIFA World Cup, the Copa América and the FIFA Confederations Cup. From 1991, a national league of women’s national football team –Campeonato de Fútbol Feminino, has been established.

In the booming of Argentina national football team, there are many excellent and top-class footballers on the football fields of many international competitions. Gabriel Batistuta is a member among them. As a professional footballer of the Argentine national football team, it has won great success in his playing career. Since the beginning of his playing career, he played most major competitions on behalf of Fiorentina in Italy. Not only in Florence, but also in the scope of world, he is regarded as one of the greatest footballer in the history of Argentine football.

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