Franz Beckenbauer

The supervisor of Germany national football team is the Germany Football Association. As the most popular sport in Germany, there are many symbolic stadiums in Germany, such as Allianz Arena, Olympiastadion Berlin, Mercedes-Benz Arena, etc.

Franz Beckenbauer is a dazzling diamond in the long history of German football. He was born in Munich, Germany on Sep. 11, 1945. For his graceful style, control and leadership of the football field, he was awarded a special nickname – “the Emperor”.

Although his role in football team transferred from a midfielder to a central fielder, he is taken as a midfielder by most people of the world. Having been awarded the name of European Footballer of the Year twice, Beckenbauer played for West Germany for 103 times and participated in FIFA World Cups three times. Taking the place of Jupp Derwall, he came back to Germany as the coach of the Germany national football team. In the late 1990s, he was appointed as a manager to administrate the 2006 FIFA World Cup.