Roy Keane

In the ebb and flow of Irish football at international level, there are many top-class footballers has made great contributions to the Ireland national football team. Roy Keane is just one of them. He was born in Cork, Ireland on Aug. 10, 1971. He is widely regarded as the most brilliant footballer across the whole world for 19 major trophies having been gained in his 18-year-long playing career, 17 of them won at Manchester United. He was the lead defensive midfielder and was famous for his aggressive and competitive playing style.

It is his constant efforts that he become an excellent footballer around all over the world. He played for the Ireland national football team for more than 14 years at international level. He has participated in every Irish game of the FIFA World Cup in 1994. Now as a coach of the Ireland national football team, he tries to put his heart into guide young footballers of the team to win great success at the world level. In this way, he hopes to teach his practical skills to those young current football players who are in Ireland football shirts.